Mothers of inventions $10,000 winner on the Katie Couric Show.

BHEESTIE was featured in PCWorld and Fox News.

Strokes of Genius - Seal any handheld device--iPod, camera, DS Lite--into a Bheestie bag and it'll suck any corrosion-threatening moisture right out of it. ~ Entrepreneur Magazine

“full of moisture-absorbing pellets into which wet cellphones, iPods and cameras can be placed to dry off.” ~ New York Times

"Just put your wet electronic thing into this magical bag and it shall be HEALED." ~ 

"Innovative Portland product - BHEESTIE Bag saves my vacation." ~ Mom Invented

“…a more dependable solution for those of you who are accident-prone.” ~ CNET

“Powerful moisture absorbing beads pull water molecules out.” ~ Ski Magazine

"Strokes of Genius” ~ Entrepreneur 100

“BHEESTIE Bag® rescues wet gadgets” ~ Yahoo

“Big Idea” ~ Inc. Magazine

Kathy Lee & Hoda talk about BHEESTIE bags. "On-The-Go Travel Gadgets". ~ TODAY Show

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