Saved my wet phone from water damage
Two full days without my iPhone were difficult, to say the least, but your Marvelous Bheestie bag saved it after an accidental swim in the Loo! (it should be noted that carrying electronics in one's back pocket isn't a good habit to keep.)  THANK YOU for an amazing product!  I'll be telling everyone. :)
E Martin
I am the owner and Editor of Dallas Christian Family magazine, we reach over 125,000 readers per month!  Your PR rep sent me a sample bag and I opened it, looked it over, wondered if it really worked and set it in my pile of work items. Well, a week later my son came home with a friends itouch - the friend had dropped it in a glass of coke the day before - so it had been at least a full 24 hours that it was not functioning, etc.  the kid brought it to school to show everyone how coke had "fried" his itouch.  My son piped in "hey my mom just got this bag that's suppose to fix stuff like that, i'll take it and try it out" - so we kept in in the bag fo 3 days and it worked!!!!  can't believe it! anyway.....we WILL be featuring this product, along with my testimonial, in our June (fathers day) issue! you'll also find it listed online after the first week of june.  we'll include web address for ordering. Thanks again and blessings,
J. M.

I saw a special on your product about a year ago on local TV.  Kept it in the back of my mind and this summer when my wife left her cell phone in the rain, we bought one at REI.  As advertised, the phone was working perfectly within 24 hours.  It is still working. It gets better…  This weekend, my wife found my old I-Pod Nano that had been run through the washing machine about 1½ years ago.  Nothing to lose, she threw it in the Bheestie.  24 hours later, it is working again!  Sounds crazy, but it is true.  Could have saved some money by buying a Bheestie instead of a new I-Pod, but that is not the story. 
Thanks for your great product, we will definitely get the word out
Bill and Jennifer 

Seriously, this product saved my phone! Yes my phone went for a swim, and some of you know where. That's not the point. It cleared the water droplets out of behind the touch screen on my "my touch 3G phone." AND I'VE BEEN using it every day since. here's their website!

Thanks to Andrew.  He'd been in REI the day before this happened and saw the product. We all know that RICE doesn't work PERIOD!  But this did the trick for me.

I have owned a bheestie for almost a year now, and without a doubt it is the best $20 I have ever spent!  For my birthday last December, a group of my friends met in Las Vegas for a five day fiesta.  I had just bought myself a digital camera for my birthday and coincidentally was the only person that had one on the trip.  By day 4 I had tons of pictures on the brand new camera, only to have them all ruined when I dropped the slippery thing in a toilet of all places (long story)!  Two days later I jammed the camera in my bheestie and after 24 hours it came out working as good as ever.  This was not the only time an electronic of mine has been revived by the bheestie, just the most memorable and clutch save made so far..!  Thank you BHEESTIE     
Skyler Riley

I am a triathlete who has done every distance from sprint triathlons to Ironman distance.  I use an MP3 for all my running workouts and off road biking.  I could not get through some of my long runs without my music to distract me.  I live in a very wet climate and train year round.  Between wet and sweat I was ruining an MP3 player about every 6 months for the last 5 years.  They would get damp, sometimes even soaked during workouts and eventually stop working.  I tried keeping them in plastic bags, holders, etc. nothing worked.  I started using Bheestie a little over 2 years ago.  After every run/ride I put my MP3 player in the Bheestie Bag and store it there until my next workout.  All the moisture in the LCD is gone the battery last longer and it works like a charm!  Bheestie has been the answer too many frustrating workouts without music.

I was using my new remote control boat in my pool when I dropped the remote in the water! But thanks to Bheestie it is  back to normal.
My cell phone was in my pocket of my blue jeans.  They  needed to be washed so I threw them in the wash forgetting to grab my  phone.  All of the sudden I heard a banging noise coming from the  washer.  It was my cell phone in the washer on the spin cycle.  I took  it out and put it in a Bheestie bag for 24 hours.  My phone was back to  normal.  Thanks to Bheestie. 

I dropped my cell phone in a coke at an Astros game.  It  wouldn’t even turn on.  After I used Bheestie my phone was back to  normal.  T.E.
I took my phone to a  tennis tournament. It started to rain  and my phone got wet.  So I brought it to the amazing Mrs. Wildman She  was so nice and gave me her Bheestie bag to try.  I placed my phone in  it and zipped it up.  A couple of hours later my phone was water free  and working. 
Thanks for making a product I didn’t know I needed until it  was almost too late!  I was in the car on my new cell phone, when I  finished the call I set the phone on my lap.  As I shifted in the seat,  the phone slid off and right into a cup of coffee in the console  holder.  I grabbed the phone immediately, but it was too late…. It was  dead!  A friend let me borrow her Bheestie bag and after 24 hours the  phone was working perfectly again.  Thanks for saving me $300 to replace  it.  I now keep Bheestie in the house ready for action.  
One day  after a long run I jumped in the pool to cool off still wearing my mp3  player clipped to my running shorts.  I jumped out of the pool, dried it  off and turned it on……nothing.  I then put it in Bheestie.  The next day I  took it out and pressed the power button and the LED lit up and it came  back to life.  Thanks for saving me money! 
I am a runner logging over 100 miles  per week.  I need to be in contact with my company even when running so  I always run with my cell phone.  Unfortunately I live in a very humid  climate which is an electronics nightmare.  Between humidity and sweat  my cell phone would eventually die on me.  Now I store my cell phone in a  Bheestie bag after every run and I can feel good about decreasing the  chance of it being damaged.

I am an anesthesiologist and the hospital needs to be able  to reach me at all times so I carry a beeper.  I have jumped (or been  pushed) into the pool at least 4 times now wearing my beeper and have  successfully dried it out each time with Bheestie. This has saved me  time and money.  
I found my husbands  cell phone at the bottom of our washing machine and put it in Bheestie  right away and it started working again!!  Sue 
I was  driving to work, put my cell phone in drink holder and didn't realize it  sat in water for 45 minutes.  Put it in Bheestie as soon as I got home  and after 2 days it is working great.