Drop it in… Dry it out!

BHEESTIE draws water out of personal electronics, from cell phones and MP3 players to laptops and large headphones! When a device suffers a liquid plunge or a moisture mishap, the key to preventing costly damage is to dry it out quickly and thoroughly. Don’t rely on home remedies when the life of a digital device is on the line.

BHEESTIE even removes the daily moisture that invades electronics and keeps them from performing at their best. From that iPod that ran through a drizzly rain to the camera that caught shots of an approaching squall, BHEESTIE dries it out.

BHEESTIE’S specially engineered molecular beads offer the fastest, most effective technology for removing moisture from your device—up to 7 times faster than commonly used household methods! Don't wait until it's too late. Time is of the essence when saving personal electronics. Pick up BHEESTIE today to protect your personal electronics.

Because wet happens. When it does, BHEE ready… with BHEESTIE!

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