BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) contain microscopic, precision-engineered pores that specifically target and trap water molecules. The beads eliminate moisture from within the sealed BHEESTIE Bag (TM). BHEESTIE Bheeds absorb the most water of any available technology for drying out personal electronics.


As the humidity of the air contained within the sealed BHEESTIE Bag (TM) decreases, the hidden moisture contained within your electronic device transforms to a gas and mixes with the air in the bag.  This process continues until the moisture from your device becomes permanently trapped within the BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM).  In most cases, this process takes between 12 and 24 hours, as long as the bag remains sealed.

Unlike home remedies like rice or silica gel, BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) continue to absorb water beyond equilibrium humidity.  Silica gel or rice that has absorbed moisture will actually release water into a dry atmosphere.  BHEESTIE Molecular Beads (TM) are designed to keep the water molecules trapped and can actually be used to dry out saturated silica gel and to dehumidify rice. (Our legal team states you shouldn’t do this for your bento leftovers or any rice meant for food consumption!)