Company History

 BHEESTIE began with an idea by Karen Wildman in 2003, inspired by an incident familiar to many parents. Her son’s brand new gaming device took a dive in the backyard pond. The cost of replacing her children’s personal electronics had been laying waste to her carefully planned budget and she knew there had to be a better way. This time, rather than pony up the dough for a new item, the resourceful mom decided to resuscitate it.

Karen, who has severe hearing loss in both ears, realized that the moisture in her son’s device was no different from the accumulated moisture in her hearing aids. Applying her experience with drying out devices, she set forth to save the gaming gadget.

 With eventual success, Karen called her sister, Lisa Holmes, who was replacing MP3 players at an astounding rate due to rides and runs through the constant drizzle of Portland, Oregon. The two sisters brainstormed a product concept/design and gave it the same, affectionate nickname Karen had used for Lisa as a child—Bheestie! (They used that same moniker for the ugly, old, family car, despite Lisa’s decided lack of resemblance to a rusty green International Harvester Travelall.)

 A strange coincidence told them they were on the right path when they later stumbled upon a formal definition of Bheestie as… a water carrier!

In 2006, with the design finalized and Lisa’s childhood doodle firmly in place, Lisa and Karen created BHEESTIE & COMPANY, LLC. They manufactured the original BHEESTIE BAGS in their separate homes and sold the product by word-of-mouth to friends and family. Upon sending samples to established companies, they received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Over the next several years, Karen and Lisa developed a website, hired a PR firm, and contracted with a mass manufacturer. Their initial order of 10,000 bags sold out quickly and… pun intended… sales never dried up!

In 2012, the tireless sisters redesigned BHEESTIE and introduced a larger, more tablet-friendly size. A new, professionally-designed website debuted in 2013 while new ideas and products enter the pipeline every day.

The goal of the company is to continue to grow by developing innovative, useful products that save consumers time, money, data, and memories. Karen and Lisa are most proud of BHEESTIE’S environmental impact. Every device saved by BHEESTIE means one less device in a landfill—and more room on the planet for natural ponds. After all, where else can kids drop their gaming devices?