BHEESTIE Revive 56g


Dries Out Big Electronics in a Big Way!

Don’t get soaked in a wet emergency! Your large electronics can survive that water slaughter—but only if you take immediate steps with BHEESTIE Revive. BHEESTIE Revive has been proven to revitalize dead-in-the-water electronics—even after a dip in the ocean.
One-third of electronic gadgets take a dive every year. And most of them drown… With 20+ devices per household, that’s a lot of water destroying a lot of hard work and memories, not to mention the money you paid. So if your laptop takes a lap or your headset dives in head first, don’t panic... revive! With BHEESTIE Revive. It dries out big electronics in a big way!
Wet happens. When it does, Bhee ready with BHEESTIE Revive!
**BHEESTIE Revive 56g can also be used for the simultaneous drying of multiple smaller devices, or for the removal of daily moisture that corrodes electronics.**
BHEESTIE Revive is recommended for:
  • Headphones                           
  • Microphones                              
  • Tablets            
  • Hearing Aids
  • CB Radios                       
  • Laptops                                                     
  • E-Readers                                 
  • DSLR/CSC Cameras
  • Lenses            
  • Spotting Scopes                                                  
  • Theatre Headsets                  
  • Depth/Fish Finders                                   
  • Camcorders                        
  • Cordless Phones
  • Game Controllers
  • GPS Devices
  • PC Headsets
  • Multiple Small Devices at once

BHEESTIE Revive comes to the rescue when the sinkable unthinkable happens to your electronics:

  • A dip in the pool, lake, or ocean
  • A tumble in the toilet bowl
  • A rinse in the rain
  • A hot time in the hot tub
  • A swim through a spill
  • A washout in the washing machine

BHEESTIE Revive can also be used to:

-Draw out damaging daily moisture from multiple small electronics.

-Draw out damaging daily moisture that accumulates from:

  • Exposure to humidity
  • Sweat
  • Locker room and shower steam
  • A quick dash through a storm
  • Body-to-device contact
  • Hand-to-device contact

BHEESTIE Specifications: 

  • BHEESTIE Molecular Beads: 56 grams
  • Interior Bag Dimensions: 11.5 Inches X 15.5 Inches
  • Bag has Gusseted bottom.