Is your phone wet?  BHEESTIE  works incredibly well for removing moisture that gets in electronics from everyday use. Here are the everyday usage directions for best results.

1. Turn off item, dry off item, remove battery if possible,       remove outer case (armband), open up (flip phones) place BHEESTIE Bag®.
2. Reseal BHEESTIE Bag®
3. Wait overnight
4. Remove item to use and reseal bag tight.

BHEESTIE has also done some amazing saves of wet cellphones, iPods® etc.  Because of the variety of situations and the variety of electronics it is we cannot to guarantee this to always work.  Here are additional directions for very wet cell phones etc. 
Follow above directions but leave electronic item in bag for 24-72 hours.  Check every 24 hours to see if item is dry.  May need to recharge to use.


For initial use cut silver bag at top, careful not to damage zip seal track

Always Keep BHEESTIE Bag® sealed tight

Remove battery if electronic is soaked

DO NOT remove beads from interior packet
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BHEESTIE / 'be-ste n: a servant who draws and carries water
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