Is this the best method to dry my wet cell phone?
The BHEESTIE Bag is up to 700% more effective than rice at removing moisture.  Removing moisture completely and quickly is the key to preventing water damage in personal electronics.

Can I use BHEESTIE more than once?
BHEESTIE can be used to dry your wet cell phone or other small electronics for up to a year if the blue beads remain blue and you keep the bag sealed at all times.  Once the blue beads turn white the bag needs to be replaced.

What do you mean by everyday moisture removal?
Most of your electronics are exposed to moisture on a daily basis from regular usage.  When talking on you cell phone there is moisture on your hands, in your saliva, humidity, droplets of water.  If you use headphones there is sweat, humidity, etc.  By using BHEESTIE on a regular basis you will be removing that moisture decreasing the chance of corrosion or malfunctioning. Put your item in over night to remove moisture.

Why did all the blue beads disappear?
They are communicating with you that your BHEESTIE Bag needs to be replaced.  If this happens before a year it could be that the bag was left open or an item placed in the bag had excessive moisture (aren't you glad you got that moisture out of the item).

Can I use it to dry out my wet cell phone and my iPod?

Help I dropped my phone in the toilet?
BHEESTIE works best if you get the item in the bag immediatetly. Turn Phone off, dry it, open it up, battery off, place in bag for 24-72 hours, may need to recharge before using.

How come you don't guarantee that my cellphone will work after getting it wet?
It's like weight loss; every body and every circumstance is different.
With electronic items there are a lot of variables: size, ports, quality, age, etc.
Each situation is different kind of liquid that the item was submerged in, time it was in the water, how fast it was placed in BHEESTIE. If you  research the internet  on how to save a  wet  phone   you will find  some interesting suggestions but your best chance for revival  is BHEESTIE.

A month ago I spilled a drink on my phone can it be saved?
Probably not, but get yourself a BHEESTIE bag so you can be ready next time.
Many people have one at home, in their car, in their sports bag, on their boat, and won't travel on vacation without one.

When I cut open the silver bag do I cut off the zipper?
No!!!!!!  That is a very bad idea.  It would be better to cut at the very tip top of the bag so you have extra room to close the zipper.

I keep having to replace my headphones on my ipod, can this help my wet head phones?
Yes, many people store their headphones in the bag to keep them from malfunctioning.

My camera got wet on vacation can BHEESTIE save it?
Get it in the BHEESTIE bag as soon as possible it is your best hope.  Once again it is best to have BHEESTIE ready and available so you can do this on a regular basis and it will be available for emergency submersions.
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