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We are a company based out of Portland, Oregon, dedicated to finding innovative solutions to everyday problems.  

We're all surrounded by personal electronics.  These get subjected to damaging moisture constantly from sweat, rain, spills, and humidity.  Frustration results from frequently replacing wet cell phones, cameras, music players, pagers, gameboys and more.

The idea for the BHEESTIE Bag was concieved to solve this problem.  It dries out your wet phone or other small electronic gadget!

Brainstorming and perfecting products is what our company loves to do.  The BHEESTIE bag is a result of that. It removes water from a wet gadget.  Word has gotten out and now you too can experience daily maintenance and amazing saves by the BHEESTIE Bag®

We hope you are as excited about this product as we are and thank you for visiting our website.

It's Thirsty
BHEESTIE / 'be-ste n: a servant who draws and carries water
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