Dry out a wet phone, iPod, camera and other small electronics

Works faster than silica gel and up to 700% more effective than rice!

Everyone with a cell phone, iPod, PDA, camera,  etc. should have a  BHEESTIE bag®.

High powered beads that pull water out are contained in a breathable interior packet. 
No dust or beads in your electronic - only water out!

BHEESTIE keeps personal electronics working better and potentially lasting longer. 
Can be used for daily maintenance or even to save a wet cellphone, iPod®, camera, etc. 

BHEESTIE can last up  to a year depending on use. Special blue beads turn grey when time to replace

Great for use after sports and activities: running, skiing, golfing, boating, travel, gym, walking,
beach, biking, water sports or accidental soakings. 

BHEESTIE pulls the wet out of your cell phone or other small electronics.
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quantities greater than 20.
6 x 9
zip seal bag

It's Thirsty
PHONE WET?  Wet phone in, Dry phone out!
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